Been a while, hope you’re all keeping well. A little update from me, my role at my company is being made redundant. Thanks Covid, the virus that just keeps on giving. So I’ll be losing my job in the coming months and it inevitably has me thinking, what next? It’s easy for me to say ‘new job’…but where? and doing what?

Your thoughts on this will differ depending on your situation and where you are in your career. Are you just starting? Finally finding your feet? Or looking to hang up your boots? Whatever it may be, I believe the best thing to do is to identify it. Once you have an idea of your current position, it’s now time to weigh up your options.

Always remember the person you was yesterday is not the same person you are today. Today you have experience, today you have new skills, a better understanding and value. A value you should feel no shame in letting others know. You are a business and any organisation must understand that this is a business transaction and that you should be provided with the demands you feel are fair to your current ability. Never settle for what they think you are, take what you are owed.

I can’t lie to you, I’m nervous. As I get older, the challenges become harder, more complex. Life becomes scarier. Things are changing in ways that I would not have predicted a few years back. Like the idea of starting a family, something I can’t receive if I don’t put the work in and build some sort of foundation first. Again, we are all in different stages in our lives, but the main thing we all have in common is that we are here, right now, sharing these experiences. So be happy, be sad, be scared and be grateful because you never know tomorrow may hold.


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