Summary about us. We are both University graduates from the University of Brighton having studied Accounting and Finance. We both initially wanted to be athletes (No one wants to be an accountant) but coming from an African background professions usually go in order of:

  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Engineer
  • Accountant

Parents were quick to dispel the idea of being a professional athlete. Anyway, both being Trainee Accountants studying to become a Chartered, this is a journey about our professional progress, obstacles we have faced and still face. we started this blog because we haven’t really seen a lot of black people really excelling in the world of Finance. We want to be the voice for young underdogs to be able to believe that they can do well in a society that seems to benefit the few. We didn’t go to a Redbrick university but being ambitious and the work ethic can only get you so far.