I hope everyone is keeping well. It’s been nearly 4 years since we started this blog and I wanted to summarise our journey to do with this blog and our other ventures that have arrived as a result of the blog. We started this blog to document our journey in finance and help other people […]

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Oh hey

So….you missed us? Sorry for the black out (haha no pun), life’s been moving a little crazier than expected so we figured to let you all know what’s been going on during Covid. Myself and D have been having conversations with our old university, working on setting up a podcast in the hopes of connecting […]

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No I’m tired

No I’m tired. Growing up. My mum tried to keep me on the straight and narrow when it came to the law. She tried her hardest to keep me out of trouble with the help of football and education. However it was my older brother that had the biggest influence in how I ended up. […]

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Ready, set, run

First thing I just wonna send my condolences to those that we have lost during these difficult times and love to ones helping us move forward after. But today I wanted to talk about what will we do once this is behind us. Are you sitting on your arse watching the world go by or […]

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