New year New me, cut it out mate. You shouldn’t have to wait for a new year to make a positive change. We should always try to improve our lives whether it’s professional or personal. However one change I want to implement this year is have a more positive outlook to my professional career and […]

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Hey, did I sign up for this?

Question; do you know what your signing up for?…because I didn’t. Brighton university gave me the accounting knowledge that I would need to excel in my current role, however not the practical knowledge of what it would actually be like. Nobody can really. Unless you’ve gone out and experienced it for yourself, it’s nothing like […]

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A whole new world

I’ve got a new job. You can go ahead and congratulate me. Go on, don’t be shy…but yeah, it finally happened. The role of an assistant accountant within a property firm that specialises in surveying. A big shift from media. I got a similar role to my last place due to the fact that the […]

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The world of accounting. Not the most lucrative career but definitely one of the most stable. In an African household, it’s always an approved career choice.  Now look, there are various different accounting qualifications you can obtain in the world of finance all with the same outcome, a career (hopefully).   The main difference I’ve […]

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W or L

If I was to ask you how many losses you think you’ve gained in the week, I bet you could talk my ear off…but if I flipped the question, you’d still probably talk my ear off, but I bet it would take you longer. Why? Why do we disregard a win in our everyday lives […]

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Envy into Encouragement 

This post is similar to M’s ‘Man in the Mirror’ but from a different perspective.  Now I’ve been in my current role for a while now and I can honestly say if a black board director walks through our company doors I would literally jump for joy. Ok, maybe that was an exaggeration however I […]

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A letter to M

Dear M Let’s start this off…’re gonna fail. Not fail as in the lowest score, but fail as in you won’t get the grade you were working towards. You’re going to remember this feeling all the time – when you miss out on a job opportunity, you’re going to think about it. Every time a […]

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