Did I just say that

Humour me. I like how commercial the way we talk when we are with our peers have become so mainstream. I’d like to thank Big Shaq (Michael Dapaah), Big Narstie and his show on channel 4 and all the grime artists that made it more comfortable to be ourselves around everyone and I mean everyone. […]

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Happy Birthday

The blog is now one year older (1 year and 3 months but who’s really counting), thank you to the ones who have taken the time to read, share, like and acknowledge what me and D have attempted to provide to the public. Like I’ve said before the blog was simply a way for me […]

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I often think back to why we started this blog and who really benefits from it. I guess you can only read so much from our “about page”. Anyway coming from our background I guess you can say a lot of our options were limited when we were in school. I mean growing up we […]

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I get it

We all want this feeling like we belong. A good way to judge this, is through sight. Can I see myself spending my valuable time in a place that actually values my time? If I were to accept this way of thinking, then I probably wouldn’t go into accounting. Being who I am, I don’t […]

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The last few posts me and M have both been blogging about our perspective on various aspects on our experiences in finance. However I thought I’ll update you a little bit about my own progress without giving too much away. Now I’ve been at my current role for a year and 5 months now. I […]

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Where do you know me from?

Getting a little bit personal here. Recently I got a message from one of my close friends from uni, it read “don’t lose yourself in the sauce”. I believe it’s important you surround yourself with likeminded people. For instance I plan to become qualified next year that’s the target I set for myself. However there’s […]

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