Ready, set, run

First thing I just wonna send my condolences to those that we have lost during these difficult times and love to ones helping us move forward after. But today I wanted to talk about what will we do once this is behind us. Are you sitting on your arse watching the world go by or […]

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Stay calm, stay home

It’s extraordinary times we are in at the moment. This pandemic literally shutting the world down, where this has effected millions of people due to whether the Coronavirus or how businesses have to operate for the foreseeable future. People are being made redundant and many businesses are suffering. It’s not a good time for many […]

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Today, not tomorrow

Okay guys put your hand up if this week you’ve said this sentence, “it’s fine, I’ll do it tomorrow”, if it helps my hands up too. Now let’s try another one, keep your hands up if the next day you still didn’t do it,why is that? We place too much trust on tomorrow and ignore […]

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