The mind is the most powerful tool we as a people have and from time to time, like any tool it will have days where it just isn’t performing at 100%. I mean there’s days I stare into a screen at work and for a second forget what the hell I’m looking. ‘Like rah? How […]

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It’s a Cold World

It definitely is. These last 2 weeks have taught me a lot about the brutal nature of some of the corporate companies we work in. How the external climate could easily affect you even if you don’t follow the course of what’s really going on. Now sometimes I forget that I graduated from university in […]

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Make sure you’re heard

A lot of the time we enter a new situation in work or in life and feel as if we should speak out. But, we don’t because we figure it’s only a one time thing or we don’t feel we have the ‘authority’. Wrong. If not spoken on, it may introduce outcomes which may not […]

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Will they accept me

I was watching a forum discussion on LinkedIn called #TalkAboutBlack. Where 4 leading black professionals talk about the difficulties they had growing up and obstacles they faced. Although all of the members are older than us, it’s still very relevant in today’s world. One interesting point that I heard is that as a lot of […]

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Before I go into this I just want to thank everyone for the positive feedback we got thus far. The feedback has been positive from the comments we have received on LinkedIn to the comments left on our page. So, I just want to thank you all for reading along as there is a lot […]

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We all strive for more, this is the basis of humanity. We gain this by obtaining more control; control over our field of work and our endeavours. We tend to pile on more and more to hide the idea that we may be useless. Remember, you can’t spell life without a lie. The biggest lie […]

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Did I just say that

Humour me. I like how commercial the way we talk when we are with our peers have become so mainstream. I’d like to thank Big Shaq (Michael Dapaah), Big Narstie and his show on channel 4 and all the grime artists that made it more comfortable to be ourselves around everyone and I mean everyone. […]

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