Mamba Mentality

First things first, Rest in Power to the king that is Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the other 7 individuals who lost their lives this past Sunday, gone but certainly not forgotten. Kobe Bryant pushed forward this idea of “focusing on the processing and trusting the hard work when it matters the most”. This really […]

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Between the Margins

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope we all have a blessed 2020 and we keep striving and working to improve ourselves, learn more and help others. This post is going to be primarily centred around our podcast – Between the Margins. For those who may not be aware. The Between the Margins podcast (Available […]

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As we draw close to the end of another year, I’ve started to look at my inventory. I don’t mean the useless crap in my shed that has been occupied by a gang of spiders…I mean the people, my priorities and my position. Look at the people and the priorities in your life, if they’re […]

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In our lives whether professionally or personally progression is important to enable us to feel as if we are achieving something. Having direction is vital in terms of career and a lot of us seek it when we are looking for jobs and benefit from in our lives. Albeit it could be fitness, relationships or […]

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