What’s my name again?

By this time you are aware that within the work place everyone has their own ideas, thoughts and opinions. However, working with a company, for example in finance, there is a certain way you go about your day-to-day routine. You answer your phone like this, you send an email like that, mate you even shit on the toilet in a certain way. This is because the company has designed a way to keep it running – your role isn’t to add to it but too keep the gears turning. Pree that (think about that).

Now I’m the type of person that likes to express themselves through appearance, rather than words, and being in the working environment had me dressing a certain way – like having my trousers round my waist, rather than hanging off my ass. I’m even at the point where I can’t stand my hair growing out too much. I never noticed these changes but trust me when I say, the day my guys caught me with my jumper wrapped around my shoulders, for two seconds, they verbally destroyed me. The only way I could describe it is…..when you finally show off those brand new adidas trainers your nan bought but you didn’t notice they had 4 stripes. That’s all I’m saying.

I Reckon these companies must think the increase in diversity will cause the machine to underperform because it is losing its core value. But a car can run on water or even cooking oil.

To anyone thinking “this job is changing me, I think I should quit”, I would say stop! Think about the ‘idea’ of being a footballer, at that very moment your skills are trash, it is only from acquiring skills and traits that you can become a professional. In this case it’s only from gaining this temporary identity that you can develop yourself to be better in the future. So to conclude, you know what your name is already, your just speaking it in a different language.


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