Politics Schmolitics

Have you ever thought about working in politics? Well, guess what, you are.


Your whole life has been trying to win the votes of your peers, family members and the general public. Similar to winning seats in the House of Commons, your campaigns relate to your personality and behaviour.

Like the workplace, the only way to progress is to receive votes of validation from the colleagues and managers. Being great at your job, but not being a ‘people’s person’ won’t get you far #HillaryClinton.

Taking my personal experience into account; being a minority automatically wins you the popular vote. In today’s day and age people actually want to know ‘you’. Many of the people you work with don’t come from London, so within their ‘party’ diversity isn’t a thing; hence why they take advantage of this opportunity in the workplace. Now I said you’ve won the popular vote, but it’s the electoral vote that you want.

The electoral vote stands between you eating 4 wings and chips or a Wagyu steak. Every workplace is different but all have one thing in common; managers and they like to feel like they are the shit because they are, that’s why they hold that title. It’s for you to create a campaign that captures their attention without destroying your brand.

Don’t laugh at their dead jokes when you both know they’re not funny, don’t kiss their arses, because it will only bite yours, and please please understand that friendship is earned, not bought.

That whole “Oh I saw this in the shop and I thought of you”, it doesn’t work, so stop.

Just be in your campaign, use your race to your advantage because remember, that’s the only thing you know you have at all times.

“Is all politics”


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