How to survive your first summer party

Summer is slowly approaching, regardless of what the weather might be saying. Which, for a lot of people, a summer work party is slowly approaching, which could be someone’s first one ever. This guide should help prevent you making a fool of yourself.

Your summer party is probably going to be Caribbean or Hawaiian theme…don’t ask why, they just are. Remember, less is more, try and make an effort to dress up if there is a theme, you will be judged. You see those fake dreadlocks you’ve been waiting to break out? Burn them. Try wearing something colourful.

“Alcohol is not your friend”. We all know our limit, well around our limit. So for an event where you are around your work colleagues, I would suggest not to go over or even close to that limit. Alcohol can give us the confidence of a thousand spartans and it sometimes causes our mouths to act before our brain has enough time to filter. So watch what you say around senior staff and around that one person in the office you really want to get to know. You want to have a jokes time as opposed to being the butt of the joke.

*In the David Attenborough voice*

We are presented with the dance floor; a sacred domain where one false move could see you becoming dinner. Usually the senior members of the company will begin to test the waters. This has been the case for years now, from the robot to the thing where they pretend to be mimes and lasso you in. This will allow the semi new staff to pace in. Once the coast is clear, all members will have access. Now I know you were the best dancer in your class, you’ve won many awards and in your spare time you teach. But please don’t be that person. Keep to the two steps and the occasional fist pump.

Remember alcohol isn’t your friend.


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