Never ending exams

I remember when I finished my last exam three years ago at the University of Brighton. I remember it so well. Education was all over and as mentioned I had no idea what I wanted to do at that time so to me my exam taking days were over for about 6 months.

I respect everyone who has gone through the blood sweat and tears to get qualified as I realise how hard it is.

Anyway funnily enough in my last 2 years in university, I lived in a house-share with my landlord who happened to be a chartered accountant. Anyway enter ACCA. Now working full time and finding the will to study is hard because unlike university you have all the time in the world to study. Whereas with my current employer as well as many other employers. The studying you do is solely your responsibility. Personally I lock myself in meeting rooms after work and crack open a book.

As the pass rate is 50%, I know a lot of my peers target just to pass as the ACCA exams just get harder and harder. I’ve been warned to say goodbye to my social life once I start the professional level where I’m one exam away. Oh happy days. I’ve given myself a target to complete my exams by the end of 2019 in December. I think this is a realistic target to complete 5 exams, I’ve been advised my my seniors at work to prioritise my exams which is a lot easier said than done.

You want to work in an environment where you learn as much as you can in terms of technical competence as an accountant. Also an employer who notice the importance of progression and passing your exams to become qualified.

“Anyone can get a degree. ACCA separates the men from the boys” Anonymous, 2015


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