Happy Birthday

The blog is now one year older (1 year and 3 months but who’s really counting), thank you to the ones who have taken the time to read, share, like and acknowledge what me and D have attempted to provide to the public.

Like I’ve said before the blog was simply a way for me to vent, to talk about what I have come to know and understand about the world of finance and also business. The funny side to separation in race, culture and social accept. However now the blog has become an information hub, a guide to help navigate through this world which to me was foreign.

Plans for the future will be to still giving you guys and girls great content, strike up conversation ultimately to make this life to better understand, potentially we can help create change but it first starts with you. Interviews with senior individuals, to young entrepreneurs. Video content so you can finally see our ugly mugs. A website of our own if it makes sense and you never know, maybe even a podcast.

The idea at the moment is to learn and develop, as our careers develop so will our content and production. If you have any ideas on how we could improve or topics you would like us to talk about, feel free to message myself or D, our contact info can be found on the website. At the end of the day this is as much for you the views as it is for us. We appreciate every single click, share and like you guys give.

Thank you.

Now someone que Drake – Ratchet Happy Birthday. It’s your birtdddddddddddd.


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