Did I just say that

Humour me.

I like how commercial the way we talk when we are with our peers have become so mainstream. I’d like to thank Big Shaq (Michael Dapaah), Big Narstie and his show on channel 4 and all the grime artists that made it more comfortable to be ourselves around everyone and I mean everyone.

However that being said we still need to be professional, there has been many times I’ve said to myself “Big man allow that”. Then I remember my surroundings and my professional filter kicks in. However sometimes you can’t hide it. For example, I’ve been chasing my accounts team to pay a particular invoice for 2 months and after countless emails still no avail. “Fam you need to hurry up and pay the ting”.

This leads on from the commercialisation of urban culture and how we see it almost everywhere. Even in big corporations as a lot of my colleagues know who the Chicken Connoisseur is. I find that refreshing although when I hear certain terms spouted in the office I’ll always be surprised or at least “act” surprised.

I reckon it’s easy sometimes to lose your professionalism. For me personally I like to adapt to my surroundings, which is human nature and I believe being able to be comfortable in different circles is important, for personal development as well as professional development.


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