In your own time

In your own time

I remember times where I used to compete with people in my profession who appeared to be ahead of me, in regards to qualifications or to their careers in finance.

I used put a huge amount of pressure on myself to succeed in my exams and used to be disappointed in myself when I didn’t meet my expectations. However at the age of 26 I can say that I have focus and drive to achieve what what I intend to do however “I can’t come and die”.

One thing I’ve learnt in this life is, don’t get complacent, have a plan and stick to it. However things takes patience and as I’ve said “Rome wasn’t built over night”. You don’t need to watch what other people are doing, focus on yourself and do things at your pace. Do each exam when you’re ready, put the time and the effort it even if it’s not an exam, maybe it’s a new task.

Work to your strengths. The only time I would say you should compete with a next person is when you will benefit from it and you learn from it. Life is a journey but also your greatest mentor.



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