I hope everyone is keeping well.

It’s been nearly 4 years since we started this blog and I wanted to summarise our journey to do with this blog and our other ventures that have arrived as a result of the blog.

We started this blog to document our journey in finance and help other people from similar backgrounds to us realise that you could pursue a good career in finance as it’s so broad there are so many different avenues you can take. Me and M took the accountant route however there are so many more ways you can do it and that’s what experience and networking has taught me.

As a result of the blog we have a podcast which is exclusive to the University of Brighton called the BOP (Brighton Open podcast) that highlights our university journey which is in the menu on the right hand side. This would enable us to help encourage black and other ethnic minority students to navigate through university with some laughs and entertainment on the way.

We hope this can be the opening to other ventures that me and M can contribute to help younger generations as well as you seeing our journeys to becoming qualified accountants within our respective fields.


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