Must try this

So a few months back a friend of mine took it upon herself to introduce her colleagues, who are predominantly….you know, ‘white’ to her cultural cuisines. Now this wasn’t out of her own pocket, well I hope it wasn’t. But funded through her company as a method of team building, now I don’t know about you but some of the best ways to get along and more comfortable with one another is through food. And if I’m too be honest African food, is some of the best, and if you want to fight me, bring it to my dms I’m waiting, challenge me (African accent). Sometimes a great way to introduce ones culture and open people’s eyes, is with food. It’s said that a part of the development of humans brains is through the fact we season food, something only humans do, and if your looking for flavour come this way.

Now even though I have always been of the belief that people should do their own research and that if you really care to know you will know, but even I can see the importance of giving people a helping hand. The rabbit hole of knowledge is amazing, simply liking something, seeing how it is prepared can lead you to the origin, the culture, the past and the present which is important to get people comfortable and understanding. Which is alway what we are looking for really, not to be accepted but to be understood. Like people say when you go on holiday you should try the food, get close to the culture, all I’m saying, you want to get to know us a little more, grab a plate and dig in.


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